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  1. That’s a blue tongue lizard! They are harmless and great for catching snails in the garden. They aren’t poisonous but I wouldn’t let one bite me. Apparently, if you have one of these you won’t have any snakes.

  2. Yep, blue tongue. They also eat flies and like to drink milk from a saucer. They make a good non hands on pet if they find somewhere they like to live at your place.

  3. You ain’t no country boy! 🙂 Love blue tongue lizards. The kids would do well to check him out. As long as we set him free. I don’t believe in keeping bluey’s in a box/cage.
    Agree with Rob – have heard if you have a bluey or two in the backyard, they keep snakes at bay.
    Also agree with Andrew – good backyard pet, if you leave them alone.

  4. Ya it’s a blue tongue, grab em by their tails and there tails will drop orf!

    My 1970’s Blackburn South school was infested with ’em

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