70mm Heaven

Tonight I’m off to see Baraka at The Astor.

I first saw Baraka on VHS, I guess, about 15 years ago and it was mind blowing, even in letterboxed tape quality. When I bought my first DVD player (it was a drive for a computer) Baraka was the first DVD i purchased. Again it looked amazing, even on an old analogue. I still haven’t invested in a BluRay drive, don’t see the point really with digital copies being the way to go but if someone gave me one Baraka would again be the first disc I purchase.

I can’t wait for tonight, to see this movie in 70mm on The Astor’s wonderful screen is the ultimate way to see this masterpiece. Hopefully everyone in the cinema will be as enthralled as I am not notice that yet again I’ve dropped chocolate on my jumper from the choc top.

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