We Rocked

Just over a month ago we stumbled across an episode of 30 Rock on Channel 7, or maybe it was 7 Two, or possibly Mate. Anyway, we thought it was incredibly funny and I spent the next couple of days asking why no one had ever told me to watch this show. I also spent that time sourcing all four complete seasons and the episodes of season 5 up to date.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve now watched all 91 available episodes (92 if you include the repeat live show). It may sound slightly obscene to have watched that many in such a short time but the episodes are short, only 20 minutes or so, and with the summer break it was a lot easier to stay up later and fit in just one, or two,or three, more.

It’s a great show and it is sorta sad that we now have to wait for more Lemony goodness but now we can get back to the other shows we had started. It may be time to look up summaries of the eps we’ve watched in season 3 of True Blood so far. Or more Dexter. Or….

Too many choices. Blurgh!

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