Neat Streets

Anyone who has to spend more than, oh, 5 seconds with me in the past six months or so would know just how much I love my Android phone (sorry everyone, particularly you Zita). It’s great and I use it to keep track of everything  for home an business. One fantastic app I found was Neat Streets. It’s designed for you to report issues in your community. You take a photo and it automatically records the location, make a note on the problem and submit it. Neat Streets then gets the location from the report and sends the information on to the relevant local authority to deal with.

Today I got to see it in action.

A little while ago I noticed that someone had just abandoned a few sheets of metal mesh in the parking bays in our street, along with a trailer. I realised they had been there for a while so I snapped a photo with my phone, made the note and away it went.

I was standing out the front today wishing that some one would come along and weed my garden for me when I noticed two guys in safety shirts walking up the street. They went to the mesh, had a poke around and walked back up the street. Five minutes later they returned with a bob cat and truck and the mesh was gone.

Now I know it works there’s a couple of other things I’m going to send in. Not pointing fingers but if you live two streets over and the car you have seemingly abandoned is blocking the footpath, and has been for a few months, stand by…

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