It’s Alive!

At last, a plant/tree we can’t kill. I was out, um, watering the lemon tree this morning when I noticed something – our very first lemon! Given our house is the place where all plants come to die it’s a major achievement and has made me disproportionately happy. Here it is, our Lemon Of Hope.

A lemon on our tree.

2 Replies to “It’s Alive!”

  1. I share your joy, as I also have a black thumb. Except for one plant Rhys gave me on Mothers Day years ago, which is thriving. No lemons though.

  2. That’s a lovely looking lemon. My parents have a lemon tree planted at their house in Mexico. They get a lot of lemons from it each year! Hope you have similar luck. We’ve got far too cold winters here for a lemon tree to ever survive.

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