In Which My New Phone Saves Me A Bundle

I’ve had a JB Hi Fi voucher sitting in my wallet for ages now, it came from a survey I did. I haven’t found anything I wanted spend it on but today I though I’d stop by and check out the new JB in Sunshine. I wandered by the iPads, had a look at the amps and was about to leave when I noticed a NAS (Mum, it’s basically a hard drive that anyone on the network can access) sitting on the shelf. Hmmm. $299, with my voucher that would take it down to $199.

I took out my phone and checked the price on to see if it was good. Landmark had the exact same model for $199 so I tracked down a salesperson (a challenge in itself) and showed them the price. He ummed and ahhed, said it was below their cost. I asked him what he could do it for. $199 was his response. So take away my voucher and for the princely sum of $99 we now have a fantastic little NAS for our out local backups and media storage, I managed to spend the voucher before it expired and I proved yet again that my phone is marvel.

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