Music, Music, Music

As I think I’ve mentioned a million times I love 6 Music (BBC 6). It’s the perfect radio station and gave me back my love of music. The only problem is that it’s in London. No matter how large an aerial I construct I’m just not gonna get it so I have to listen via the net. This means I have to have a PC on. I can listen via the media PC/television, but that’s a bit of a waste of electricity or I can listen via my iPod or phone, but that requires plugging in speakers for proper sound.

Now, thanks to Kogan, my problems are solved. Introducing my internet radio.

Kogan Player

Now I can have 6 Music going without a PC, just like a proper radio station! Not only that I can stream from any of PCs to the unit, it has an iPod dock, you can listen to podcasts, it has digital radio (DAB+ – already found Koffee to chill out to) and something called FM, whatever that is.

New tech, good music, I’m a happy man.

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  1. Hi Beth,

    a lot came down to budget.

    I wanted a wireless internet radio, I wanted DAB and an iPod dock. Most sub $200 models that have these features are only mono but this one is stereo. When you add UPnP and FM this became very attractive. The sound isn’t superb but when you’re dealing with 44 or 66k streams you can’t expect too much. 128k streams sound pretty good.

    It was a great value for money choice.

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