Outraged Letter To The Age

Dear The Age,

well. The paper arrived and upon unwrapping what was I to find but a 16 Page Collingwood wrap around! As if this wasn’t shocking enough it was stapled along with the A2 so I had to actually touch it. I searched hard for the ‘advertising feature’ but couldn’t find it. Isn’t this Magpie-gasm a little premature? They haven’t won the premiership; the home and way season isn’t even over. Should we just abandon the finals series and give them the cup now? (No need to comment on that Mel or Jen).

Maybe today would have been a good day not to get the paper after all.

2 Replies to “Outraged Letter To The Age”

  1. And now I have time to sit and read and there’s no Good Weekend. Anyone else not get a Good Weekend in their Age, or was it just ours?

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