Election Day

You’d think that living in the third safest Labour seat, fourth safest seat over all, that today wouldn’t really mean that much. The fact that we haven’t received one single piece of election material in our letter box shows just how little this seat means to the result. While I’d love to live in a seat where my vote really could make a difference the futility of casting my personal ballot doesn’t stop me from finding today incredibly exciting.

I’m not a political animal, or even a political junkie, but there’s something about election day that has me devouring the papers and booking the television the day (or sometimes days before) the election is called. I’ll be set up in the theatre room tonight with the telly glued to the ABC coverage and my laptop (okay, maybe two laptops) flicking through online coverage. I’m even considering digging out my old USB tuner to have the option of another channel screening on one of the computers.

Rae has become quite dizzy at the amount of eye rolling this obsession has caused, she’s already got her night planned and it doesn’t involve sitting with me hanging off every excited Antony Green word. Given how tight everyone expects this election to be I’m guessing she will be long asleep by the time I drag myself off to bed.

Now it’s time head off and vote, then it’s time to stock up. It’s going to be a long and interesting night.

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  1. The thing that stresses me most today is not knowing if we’ll have a sausage sizzle. I agree with your idea that the official election guides should include this information.

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