A Whole New World

When we first moved to the lovely suburb of Derrimut it was us, a few houses and lots of empty space. While that seems oh so long ago it’s less than two years now. In that time the empty space has all but disappeared; it won’t be long until the final subdivision is completed and the builders move a little further out.

There was nothing much here then. We had to go to Deer Park for shopping and Phee elected to stay at her old high school rather than try a local one. Now we have a shiny new primary school just around the corner that’s had a year to prepare itself for Bert’s arrival and cluster of shops has appeared at Foleys Rd offering car washes, pizzas, fish and chips and a convenience store for the locals, but today is the big one.

We get a shopping centre.

Coles is opening today, just a few blocks easy stroll away. No more calling Rae to pick up the missing ingredient for dinner, no more late night or early morning drives when we run out of milk. No more twenty minute round trips for a few items. Now, all within a ten minute walk, we have a supermarket, a train station and a school (with more shops being built opposite it). I don’t think we can quite throw away one of our cars yet, but the times, they are a changin’.


Just back from a quick look. It’s a really impressive shop. Light, bright and the deli/meat/fresh produce area looks brilliant. Lots of people, the car park was full, although half seemed to be Coles execs/employees looking at the place. Their employment ads sais it was ‘start of the art’ for supermarkets and they may just be right. Here is the outside on opening day.

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  1. New Coleses are excellent; as M mentioned last week, the Showgrounds one is lovely. Makes shopping a pleasure.

    So can you get to the station by cutting through the shopping centre? That might make the walk bearable.

    V/Line have a special page with each week’s footy timetables http://www.vline.com.au/footy/ To Etihad is pretty fast; 22ish minutes to/from Deer Park, standard Z1+2 ticket (remember after 6pm a 2-hour ticket lasts until 3am). But the problem is the timings aren’t great; for an evening game you’d get there either 5:28pm (too early), or 7:27pm (too late). Bummer.

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