Necessity Mother of FTW!

Sometimes you strike gold. Rae’s off at the movies with a girlfriend tonigh, Phee is at Nana’s so it’s just me and the kids. The cupboard and fridge are pretty much bare as it’s the end of the shopping fortnight so I was bit stumped for what to do for dinner. I decided pizza was the way to go so I made some dough. One base fine; bit of cheese, some mushies, capsicum and the kids are happy. Then I had a spare base. I could have frozen it but I decided to try something a bit different. I drizzled and rubbed in in olive oil, rubbed in some crushed garlic and then three different cheeses on top.

Oh my god.

It’s amazing. The kids have finished the Three Cheese Garlic Pizza and left the other on their plates. I should keep some for Rae to try but I’m not sure my will power can stretch that far.

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