It’s A Date

How great was that, we got to go on a date!

Thanks to Zita baby sitting I actually got to go out to dinner and a movie with my wife, just my wife, no kids. Those who have grown up kids or lots of babysitters on tap may wonder what the fuss is about but to us a night together alone is more valuable than gold. We got to have proper grown up food (no fries!), proper grown up conversation, a stroll along the street and then to watch a film that didn’t feature talking frogs. Mind you Animal Kingdom isn’t what you’d call a date movie, at least not in our books, but it was a sensational film.

Best part of the night was the fog covering the freeway on the way home. It brought back memories of nights long ago, driving out in the cold and fog,  trying to remember which was the Deer Park exit so I wouldn’t miss my date with this amazing girl I’d just met.

Funny how things come full circle.

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  1. That sounds lovely. I am inspired!!
    I have to do that with M before Pikelet appears. And as much as I want to see that movie…I think we’ll pick more of a ‘date’ one.

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