Saturday Morning, MSY Time

Saturday morning. Fresh coffee and home made calzones for breakfast, paper (mostly) read so I guess it’s time. Time to think up another excuse to head off to MSY. For the non-initiated MSY is the geek equivalent if heading off to Bunnings tp pick up supplies for a bit of DIY.  It’s the cheapest place to pick up your tech bits and pieces and Saturday mornings you see the line up of 30-something dads who have dragged the kids along to pick up a new hard drive or power supply.

Only problem is nothing has gone wrong with any of my PCs in the past fortnight so I’m struggling to come up with an excuse that will get past the CFO. Media Center is the key, maybe I can convince her we need a second 1TB drive…

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  1. A calzone can be made and not killed hung and quartered? Perhaps it tastes like bacon. ‘Tis Saturday night, so hope you are putting your new hard drive from MSY to good use.

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