Two Cars

Almost 15 months after the it was chock-a-block with the contents of our house we can finally fit two cars in to our garage. Rae was moving the black car in as I was leaving to do some shopping when the thought struck her that there really wasn’t that much work required to give us room for both cars. Two hours later and here is the result.

At Last - Two Cars

If you want something organised, get an (ex)librarian to do it.

It’s a bit of tight squeeze now but once we get out little shed out the back and we can move the mower and wheel barrow we’ll have oodles of room. Thanks to Rae’s great job both cars are now protected from the elements and we have space for visitors to park. What a job, what a gal.

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  1. double car garage at our place, can’t fit one in……I think my wifes a hoarder……or maybe i’m messy!!!!! I prefer to blame the wife!!!!!!

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