Do Fence Me In

The last of our initial building works starts today. What, I hear you ask, I thought you’d been in that house for ages. Yes, we have been but there is still no fence between us and our lovely next door neighbours. For 15 months now we’ve walked out our back door and looked in to their back yard. Only once have I been sprung in my pj’s, but that’s once too much.

We actually started trying to get the fence built four months before we moved in but the $#^$$()# builder next door was building the house on spec and kept on stalling, obviously trying to pass the cost on to whomever purchased the property. The very week we were off to court to get him to pay up he sold the house. Since then both of us have tried countless times to get someone to come and quote. If they said they’d come, they never turned up. We’d all but given up until a couple of weeks ago when thanks to problems one land owner was having further up the street we got a contact and that contact is due to turn up today to put the poles in.

I may be counting my fence posts before they hatch as they haven’t arrived yet but I’ve had two calls this morning to confirm I’ll be home (as if I ever leave!) so my hopes are high that before too long our block will truly be our block.

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