Dry February

Well, the tribe has spoken and despite one scary moment where I thought I’d have to give up coffee the result is that Jen and I are off the booze for 28 days. Poor Jen, one tweet that she was considering doing it and now I’ve dragged her in to a ‘I’m high on life’ month. Even without a keg of Heineken in the fridge and some bottles of bubbly too this would be a test of will power. Still, 28 days isn’t too long and it should be better for my diet and wallet. Yeah, I’ll drink to that. Oh, that’s right…

6 Replies to “Dry February”

  1. Have you guys created a FebFast team or are you doing this as individuals? If you’ve got a team going I might jump on. It’s been a pretty big silly season and a my vital organs might enjoy a month off 🙂

  2. Me too, mate. After a full year on the wagon in 2009, I welcomed the booze back like an old mate in January. Having been a little too over-enthusiastic, I now find myself using February to re-regenerate my liver.

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