Ga Ga

I want to wake up to somebody different. It’s been a couple of years now and it’s time for a change, same with during the day as my daytime companion is so far away it can be a bit tricky. Yes, I need a radio station.

Rae rules the bed side radio as she is the one who has to wake up at 6 every morning. For the past couple of years it was Vega, with Dicko, Dave and Chrissie. Now the music isn’t much and I was initially very sceptical but they slowly won me over with their more serious, and interesting, discussions amongst the fluff. Then they went and sacked Chrissie in a classic case of false economy. Now it’s just two boys trying too hard. Before Vega it had always been 774 but Red Symons’ smugness became too tiring and as long as he’s on we won’t venture back.

So now we’re stuck without a morning station. During the day I have BBC6 – the perfect radio station but that depends upon me having access to the net. Perfect music, great documentaries, announcers who know and love their music (G’day Chris). It’s handy when I’m working, or I can have it stream through my iPod Touch and there’s enough PCs dotted around to have it in most rooms but I can’t have it in the car and it’s a bit of a drag turning on a PC just to listen to radio.

I’ve tried JJJ but I think I’ve reached the age where it’s just not that relevant for me any more. 6 Music is like JJJ was when it first started, maybe that’s why I love it so much. Commercial stations music ain’t my cup of tea either so I may have to give RRR a go, or maybe just switch to being a news junkie and Radio National.

Who do you wake up with and should we share?

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  1. I’m having a similar crisis myself.

    I listened to the Breakfasters on Triple R for years but could never, ever warm to Fee B-Squared when she came along and she’s been doing that gig for yonks now. I’m sure she’s a lovely chick but I hear her voice and this inexplicable and totally irrational well of hatred bubbles over. Sorry Fee. So it’s been a bit of a morning show wasteland since I had Ed in 2005….

    I noticed PBS have a new co-host on their morning show, the Breakfast Spread, which I’m gonna check out tomorrow.

    Let us know if you come across anything good!

  2. I’m a news junkie, so if it’s not 774, it’s Radio National, or (at a pinch) 3AW until the adverts get to be too much.

  3. Just go the buzzer, It is the only thing that will get me out of bed. But if you are desperate to hear voices try SEN there is always some one on there (mostly richmond supporters) to bag the Tiges, not only in the mornings but of all hours of the day……..Bring on footy season.

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