Coupla Days

Today was glorious but I couldn’t tell you what yesterday was like as I spent almost all of it asleep. Woke up yesterday, managed to stay awake long enough to have some breakfast but then the aches set in and it was all over for the day. I slept, slept and then slept some more – I simply couldn’t wake up or get get myself off the bed. Thankfully Rae was home, she got to enjoy a Dad free day with the kids.

The weird thing is that when I awoke this morning it had totally gone. I guess you’d hope this was the case after 30 hours of sleeping but to have absolutely no ill effects….just plain odd. Good thing too as we had to take Bert off for a quick trip to Royal Children’s Hospital today. Everything is fine, and when I tell you we went to see ‘The Prince of Poo’ (as the specialist calls himself) you’ll thank me for not going in to details! The RCH is an amazing institution, we are truly luck to live in a city with such a magnificent hospital but one thing they need to do is redevelop their web site. If there’s one thing in this world I know a bit about it’s hospital websites and the RCH deserves a lot better.

Anyway, after a great appointment (yes, it really was) we made use of our FOTZ membership again and went for another hour walk around the zoo. This time we we got to see the cool animals – gorillas, elephants and tigers – the kids loved them all. Next trip we get to see the crocodiles, the most requested animal of the lot. It’s fantastic being able to rock up and just go for a wander for free. It’s like having a neighbourhood park with really cool animals.

Now if you add an afternoon nap and great fish and chips you have a perfect day to balance the complete lack of a Thursday. Rae’s back to work next week so the fun stops and its back to earning a living full time next week. i don’t know who will miss having mum here the most, me or the kids.

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