Hygiene Is Over Rated

Okay, that’s it. I’m never showering again. Hopped out of the shower this morning, grabbed towel, went to dry my back and * click *. Hmmm, that doesn’t feel good. Oh no, not good at all. Actually one could say that feels #$&*#$*&# bad. Somehow I’ve managed to do something to my shoulder/back just by raising flicking the towel. I’m sitting here like The Hunchback of Derrimut, unable to turn or even make the coffee. Not many choices but to be wait and see if it corrects itself over the course of the day.

My good wife, who had to be roped in to back drying duties, says I have to take up some form of exercise as sitting at a PC all day every day isn’t helping me. I have to agree. I also have to be able to move to exercise so it may be a while.

Oh boy, this is going to be fun.

4 Replies to “Hygiene Is Over Rated”

  1. If you can walk on GF day I’ll show you some exercises to help with that computer back.

    Also I know an excellent massage guy!

  2. Tony, If I lived closer, I’d volunteer to be your exercise buddy as I have the same working conditions! However, that whole East-West thing makes this highly impractical. See you next Saturday. C’arn the Sainters!

  3. Michael and Tony – you could at least encourage eachother over the net. Talk a couple times a week about what each of you aims to do, and has done. Might not be as good as living next door and going for walks, but it’s some sort of support. More than what you each have now.

    And I don’t know if it’s stupid to nominate this, but you could do a website together, much on the same idea. Other people could join in with their own achievements, etc. You might even develop local groups to ‘walk together’ or whatever.

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