The Old Switcharoo

We’ve been going to the South Melbourne Market for years now, although I’ve been a regular since ‘89, and one thing we do every week is to grab a coffee from James at the pizza place. It has to be one of the best coffees in Melbourne and you can tell it’s because James really cares about what he’s doing, he has both passion and skill.

Over the years we’ve got to chat and find out a bit about him, including the fact that he lives just around the corner from us, has the same number of kids and moved in a week shy of when we did. However it was only this weekend that I found out we are not only similar in those regards but that he and I had mirror image job paths. Back in ‘97 when I was making coffees for a living he was studying web design (he asked me if I used Java or Pearl) then slowly over the years our jobs changed and now I’m developing web sites (classic asp, php & .net) while he gets to stand behind the machine producing cup after perfect cup.

The Unknown Barista

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