Wow – That’s Windy

Bag In A Tree

I wish you could take photos of wind. I was just caught outside in the most amazing wind gust, it literally took my breath away – I couldn’t breath. It’s toppled heavy recycling bins and the empty garbage bins have all been blown in to a pile at the bottom of the street. I grabbed ours just as it took off and waited a second for the neighbour’s bin to glide to a halt at my feet, they’re both tucked away out of the wind now.

I was too late to move the recycling, I watched as two weeks worth of news papers blew to god only knows where, every other bin in the street is on its side, contents blown away.

Just lost power for a second too – everything flickered and my UPS kicked in.

Mother Nature sure ain’t a happy gal today.

The Gathering Storm

Here Comes The Storm

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