The Way It Should Be

Now that’s the way a weekend should be.

Friday was Rae’s RDO for the month so it was bonus long weekend, but it really started on Thursday night when Zita sat for us so we could head off to The Sun for a movie. For the first time ever we had a movie theater to ourselves. We could ask each other outloud “what did they just say”, rustle our lollies as loud as we want and laugh as madly as we wanted. Can thoroughly recommend ‘My Year Without Sex’, especially if you are, or are married to, a Bulldogs supporter.

Friday, a bit of a shop, Zita came over for dinner and some work while the women in the house watched a chick flick on the telly. Oh, and there was a bit cleaning up going on ’cause on Saturday Veronica, Steve, Jonathon and the beautiful new Hannah came to visit. Here’s a hint – when you have people over for coffee, make sure you actually have milk in the fridge so you can make coffee for them. Somehow we managed to scrape together enough for a couple of coffees each and the mini scones with jam and cream disappeared pretty quickly, much to Phee’s chagrin as she was eyeing off the entire plate.

That afternoon was spent sitting in the big comfy chair reading a book I bought at the Sun Bookstore when we went to the movies, keeping an eye on the footy on the telly and luxuriating in the quiet of babies sleeping. The night was spent watching the remastered Scarface with Rae and polishing off a bottle of bubbly and some beers.

Today was Sunday morning market shopping, end of tax year new laptop shopping, display home viewing, general lazing around the house and roast chicken eating. It’s been a wonderful relaxing weekend, such a shame it has to finish. Now it’s Masterchef, a warm cup of milk and an early night because when a weekend has been this good you just know that the weekend ahead must have something nasty in store.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve got something nasty in store. It’s called work. *sigh* NO job is worth taking anti-depressants and sleeping pills for.

  2. Tip to make the sponge rise……Put milk in the mixture!!!!!! Go Blues…(could not help myself!!!!)

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