Where Appliances Go To Die

Three in the space of a week, that can’t be good.

Today it was the toaster. Push down toast and outside the safety switch goes pop. Hmmmm. Repeat to make sure and yep, bye bye toaster.

Two days ago it was the bread maker. I was changing a nappy when I heard this almighty crash. I asked Bert what happened and he yelled out “It’s the thing we cook with.”. When I made it out to the kitchen I found one dead bread maker, it had managed to shake itself across the bench and dive on to the floor. That’s one determined bread maker.

But perhaps the greatest loss was last week, or maybe it was the week before, I’m so traumatised I can’t remember. My espresso machine decided it didn’t want to pump out any more water. I called the coffee machine hospital and they said for that model it would be more economical to buy a new machine. Great theory if you have the money to do it. So now I’m reduced to plunging during the day and, for the sake of my wallet, being thankful there is no longer a cafe in walking distance. If I save, save, save I may one day have a new machine and once more I will be able to be happy.

Sigh. They say bad things come in lots of three. I hope that saying isn’t broken too.

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  1. Same deal for us, lost a perfectly good sandwich maker, then a milk shake maker, then a hair dryer and a bedside lamp. I guess I’d rather have the safety switch working with kids. Pisses me off that someone out there is still using our stuff!

  2. Good thing the griller works. I loves me toast and am expecting a spag/baked beans on toast night tomorrow night.

  3. Touch wood, my espresso machine has been going for 6 1/2 years. At $1100, I’m glad! It was my graduation present to myself – the gift that keeps on giving (even moreso now that I work from home)

  4. Bet you need to replace the seals/gaskets on your machine. That’s what I do when that happens, and it makes it brand-new.

    Google for tips on how to do it for your model. It’s very doable once you get a hold of the $10 in replacement parts.

  5. I did that Greg, first thing I tried. I’d changed the seals a year ago and it had been working perfectly. The coffee hospital guy walked through what happened and said it was most likely the pump.

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