Minty Fresh Walls

Today I learnt, thanks to Mr Henry, that toothpaste is good for removing black Sharpie drawings from flooring, walls and bed heads. You only need soap for glass over pictures but nothing seems to work on glossy doors.


Any one else remember Club Hoy? Here’s a video of Not Like That, with an early 90s style warning.They’re helping to lower my blood pressure.


Now I’ve started looking at early 90’s videos I can’t stop. Here’s one of my favourites from way-back-when – Falling Joys, Lock It

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  1. Chux magic erasers get almost everything off of gloss or matt paint. Gloss paint on our pantry doors drawn on with permanent marker and it came of with a magic eraser. they work on ebrasion and you just wet them no chemicals and it does not take off paint. It also got of red dye that came off of ‘Thomas’ sheets onto walls with no hint it ever was there. Hope that helps.

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