To CD or MP3, That Is The Question

We’re down to the difficult boxes now, the ones that you leave unpacked until the next move. Only this time hopefully there won’t be a next move for a very very very long time so we have to face our cardboard nemesis.

The trickiest problem is what to do with the CDs. Rae has a few hundred, I have about 600 or so. I’ve burned all of mine to iTunes, and Rae has taken what she wants of hers for her iPod so what should we do with the shiny platters? I’m not that trustful of hard drives, even backed up (locally) and on the Pod doesn’t seem secure enough for me. I could upload them to a remote backup service, like I do with all of my business files, but pushing 80GB up the pipe and, knock on wood, having to pull it all down again just isn’t practical at current speeds and bandwidth limits.

Those plastic cases represent a good chunk of my younger years spending, some mean a lot more than bits of bits on plastic probably should, but realistically we’re never going to play a CD again.

Decisions, decisions.

And don’t get me started on 5 odd years of UK Empire magazines I’ve been lugging around for over a decade…

7 Replies to “To CD or MP3, That Is The Question”

  1. Ditch the mags, there is always someone crazier than you about them…our old housemate for instance.

    Keep the cds! I don’t trust my ipod either. I have to reset it a lot..

  2. I agree, I’m hardly ever going to play a CD again but those little cases and booklets all have a story to tell. There’s no way I could throw them away. That will be left up to my kids.

  3. Keep the CDs, lose the mags. I got rid of probably $1500 worth of photography mags last year… painful at first, but I don’t miss ’em.

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