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Been a busy week so it’s taken a while to get around to this but I made it in to a paper last Wednesday. The map of old Melbourne signs I created and turned in to a web site was featured in The Herald Sun’s geek section. Thanks to those who emailed, and sorry Jen for making you choke on your lunch. If you missed it have a look at  High Tech Historian.

The other sort of sun has risen on a new school year too so now Phee is back to school and Rae is back at work. This means it’s time to get in to a new routine. In the couple of months since it was last just me and the kids a lot has changed; new house, hot weather, completely mobile kids, new nanny. We’re finding our rythym here. We now all eat breakfast together once mum goes ’cause the young ones are now sitting up to the table. This makes lunch fun too. The kids are great to watch. Bert and Moo (I really should use her proper name, it’s so lovely and we kept it for her for so long) love playing together and Mr Henry is happy off doing his own thing, a bit like his old man. They are all down to one nap a day, Bert often skips it even though he still needs one. Apparently it’s not cool for big boys to sleep during the day.

There’s other stuff to talk about, but it’s been another long day so time to hut Publish here and hit the mattress in the bedroom. Night all.

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  1. “Time to hut Publish”

    I didn’t know you’re a Kiwi, Tony?

    As for the typo in the link to Jen’s web site, that was pretty funny.

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