The Lego Test

The carpet is finally being laid, and it looks fantastic! At last the inside of the house looks like a proper home. I’m really happy with what we’ve chosen and it passes the Lego test too. What’s the Lego test? I’m glad you asked, Rae gave me the same puzzled look when I mentioned it while carpet shopping.

For a carpet to be any good it has to be flat and firm enough to for a Lego person from the Last Jedi LEGO we just bought to stand up with no assistance. I never quite forgave Mum and Dad for the carpet we had growing up. It was a fluffy pile number, popular in the 80s, that meant I had to use a board as a base for my creations. Mock me if you will but millions of pre-teenage (and some very post-teenage) boys will agree.

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  1. When I was little our house had that ’tiled carpet’ perfect for lego. Then my parents went and spent $20k and got luxurious fluffy ‘crap for lego’ carpet!

    Lucky you did the right thing!

  2. I blame my parents for stuff as well:

    Increased chance of Diabetes, possible red haired children and making me wear velvet, but I had great leggo carpet… and it was blue.

  3. LOL @ Tony. Giggles at the memory of card houses and lego towers, as well. Did all geek-ish types make them? Glad to hear it passes inspection 😉

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