Now It’s The Water And The Net

Yesterday I got to complain about the council, today it’s City West Water.

I was at the house cleaning up builders dust when there was a knock at the door. It was a Postie – with two envelopes from City West Water. Apparently he’d been trying to deliver them for two months and it was just lucky I was home.

The two were red letters – one telling us the account was overdue, the other telling us that legal action was about to taken to recover the debt.

When Rae called she was rather abruptly told that it wasn’t up to them to know if someone was actually at the address to receive the bills. The conveyor, quite rightly, sent in the form with our new address but City West Water apparently makes no allowance for the fact the owner of an empty block of land may not be living there.

While I’m complaining I’ll have a go at everyone else living in the suburb. They are all rather greedily using up every available ADSL2+ port at our local exchange so it’s likely we’ll have to downgrade to ADSL when we move in and wait until I bump off enough neighbours to gets me a port.

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  1. AGAIN! Had same issue (with the apartment anyway) with the electricity the builders had used.

    As for the net. Well I won’t even start.

    Oh and, we still haven’t got an electricity bill since moved in – in MAY.

  2. You waited until now to ask about ADSL2? I’m shocked. I’d have thought that would have been locked-in as soon as the block location was confirmed!

  3. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. Of course I checked as soon as we bough the block – what sort of geek do you think I am? 🙂

  4. Hmmm… Hume City or Brimbank? Both of them were hair-pulling-out inducing when I was regularly doing chases.

    City West Water… I’d give you a contact there who knows everything but she got fired the same day I did two years ago. *pout* They’re all effwits.

    And seriously, THAT is why Steve and I aren’t building. We’ll go into an established house where the lines are NOT pair gained, nor are we subject to waiting for someone to die to get a decent ADSL line out.

  5. When you need a minimum of 25GB a month, downloads only, wireless plans aren’t practical. I have bought a wireless modem and plan to tide me over until the connection and that’s $50 a month for only 6GB – down and up.

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