I Won

Friday was a busy day. Rae spent all day at the house (more of which later) and I was at home with the kids and then working. 4:00 came and enough was enough, I packed the kids up and we went out to visit mum at the house. Rae drove the kids home, I finished up and headed on h0me. Half way there Rae called me to go and pick something up but as I was almost home and needed to look up the address I kept on going.

I’m so glad I did.

I pulled in to the drive and Rae was standing there.

“I’ll go.” she said.

“No, I just have to grab the address and I’ll head on out.”

“Oh for pete’s sake, I’ll go – just grab the parcel on the front step that’s been left for you.”

Huh? Parcel? Front step? She jumped in the car while I looked. Indeed there was a parcel on the front step. Freshly delivered. For me.

I unwrapped it and as I did I realised I had won.

Google recently held a competition for the best Google My Map in Australia so I submitted a map I had created a while ago. It documents old signs that still exist around Melbourne and is linked to a web site, www.ourfadingpast.com, that is still under development. You can see my map of old signs around Melbourne on Google Maps.

Any way, the very good people at Google Australia seemed to like it and awarded me the Best Overall My Maps Award. They sent me a great Perspex award in the shape of one of their map markers. And a MacBook. To say I was overcome is an understatement.

The first person I emailed was Andrew from the High Riser blog. Andrew has contributed a huge number of photos to the map, even suffering personal injury in an attempt to get the perfect shot. He’s also brought in others through Walking Melbourne and the map would be a lot smaller and of lesser value without all he has done. Thank you Andrew.

I’m over the moon with the win, and the prizes, but most of all I’m happy that I’ve created and helped to build something that other people like and value.

5 Replies to “I Won”

  1. Enough with the blogging!

    Congratulations!!!!! I love how you throw in the ‘perspex award’ and a macbook.

    The man’s response: ” Oh that’s awesome!!…why didn’t YOU do that”.


  2. Way to go Tony! Awesome stuff, and a nice prize too along with the feeling of pride. Aren’t gifts like this amazing?? Where you just stop and get shivers? 🙂

  3. congratulations on your DESERVED win.

    and re those wheely bins?

    just steal a pair like everybody else does.
    (and they are cheaper in the country: try BRI in Walker St South Ballarat – it’s a sheltered workshop and you can pickup bins for $50 each)

  4. Hi, I just came upon your Google Map and it totally made my day! I didn’t know there were other people out there who also appreciated these old signs!

    My belated congratulations on your award! You truly deserved it! Your map and website initiative is such a wonderful record of Melbourne history!

    The “Texas Milkbar” sign on the map was particularly interesting to me – I’ve noticed it numerous times when passing by Balaclava and always been curious as to the story behind it!!!

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