House Update

Friday was the first day of home ownership and it was a busy day. Rae was out at the house at 7:30 for the first of the tradies. Over the course of the day the plumbers connected the hot water and stove top, the sparkies connected the oven and the, um, lockies fitted deadlocks. Tim dropped by to give a quote on curtains too so it was a full day for her.

But not quite as full as it could have been. The guy who had been subcontracted by our floorer to install the laminate floor just didn’t turn up. He also wasn’t answering phone calls. The floor people weren’t that great, they didn’t return any of my phone calls and I was on my way to stage a sit in when Rae finally got the message, around 1:00pm, that he wasn’t coming.

Thankfully they could arrange a replacement and I’m sitting here on Saturday while Sean (or it may be Shaun) and his cousin Peter are listening to Gold 104 while they lay our floor. Poor Sean, so far this morning the pallet of laminate has broken his van’s door, he’s sliced his thumb open and been stuck with the most difficult sort of laminate to lay (I have no idea either). All this for doing a favour for our supplier. The floor that’s down looks fantastic though.

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