The Word

Oh no, Bert has learned The Word. It’s slowly driving me mad, every second word seems to be The Word. I’ve no idea where it came from, but for the last couple of days all I’ve heard is “Why?”. “But why Dadda?”. “Why is that Dadda?”. “Dadda, why?”.

This morning we’ve covered why we wipe his bottom, why the babies are having a nap, why we won’t be playing in the rain, why we have to turn the television off after Play School, why we are sticking the paper to the cardboard, why we have to press down on the glue, why we put the stickers there, why the dish and the spoon aren’t on the paper, why we we are having sausage rolls for lunch, why mumma is at work, why we have a shower, why mumma and dadda had an unintended sleep in, why dadda needs a coffee, why you shouldn’t pick your nose, why it smells like coffee outside, why we hung the clothes out and about a million other things I’ve since forgotten.

I always hoped I’d have a curious, inquisitive and knowledge seeking son. Just goes to show that you should be careful what you pray for…

2 Replies to “The Word”

  1. Hey, cheer up Tony soon enough he’ll learn a new word and say that one all the time, you guessed it….”NO!”

    Tony: Bert clean your room, do your homework, stop seeing the stripper with 6 kids…

    Bert: NO! NO! NO!

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