What a weekend, one devoted almost entirely to the new house. While we don’t have a date yet we know when things will really start moving. The builders will be finished by very early December, they then make an appointment with us to go through the house, we come up with a list of things we aren’t happy with, rinse & repeat, the bank inspects, the bank pays and then we get the keys. We’re hoping that process won’t take too long. I know, I know, but we can hope.

With the house almost done we’re organising the other bits and pieces.I was out there yesterday morning getting quotes for the driveway and then again in the afternoon for quotes for some decking we are want out the back. Nine o’clock last night we were standing in the freezing rain unloading new furniture for the theatre room (thanks Gina!). Today it was driving in to the city early to collect mum who babysat the kids all day while Rae and I got stuck in to clearing the shed out; getting the large stuff stored there ready, throwing out or Freecycling a mountain of stuff, moving a few boxes in to the shed and generally laying the groundwork for the move ahead. With six people to move it’s no longer a case of a small van and load up the cars. Ah, those were the days.

So from now until the new year it’s pretty much work, pack, move. There is a pile of boxes ready to be made up and filled. The pantry will be wound down, freezer slowly emptied. It is my least favourite part of the house cycle but when its over this time we’ll no longer be at the mercy of a landlord, and that time can’t come quickly enough.

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  1. And Rae in her condition [ED : No, not that! Four is enough]. Can’t be easy. Moving will be very stressful. In a year’s time, you will have forgotten about it and worrying about schools.

  2. Congratulations. Whenever I am in “cleaning out mode” and trying to decide if I should keep something, I ask mself if I were moving would I take it with me. If the answer is no, out it goes. In theory, anyway.

  3. Yay, you finally get into your own home.
    The move will be a hassle but very much worth it 😉
    Rae’s condition…?
    You mean she doesn’t have the Dreaded Lurgy? 😛

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