Closer Yet

Some more news on the house front. Wonderful Wife Rae set a little rocket up Henley with an email over the weekend that resulted in a call from the area manager yesterday. The upshot is we have a slim chance of getting the house before Christmas, which of course means the balance of probabilities lies with getting it after, but from the dates mentioned we will definitely be out of here by the end of our lease at the end of January.

Now we start the clearing of junk and packing up planning in earnest, already large amounts of clothes are finding their way on to Freecycle and we are revisiting the garage sale idea to clear out more ‘stuff’. Once we have a firm date (hopefully in a few weeks) we’ll know if the boxes have to start being packed straight away or if they can wait until after Christmas. Either way it’s going to be a busy Christmas/New Year holiday for us.

Last night we drew up a list of things we need/would like to add to the house and so far, in no particular order, we have come up with :

  • Flyscreens for the front and rear doors (why oh why didn’t we just include them in construction)
  • A deck for the back
  • Shutters for the two west facing windows
  • Automatic door for the garage
  • A dishwasher
  • Cat door
  • Antenna

Some we’ll have to do straight away, some are high priority and some, well, I’ll probably be blogging in ten years time about needing them to be done.

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  1. Can’t understand why flyscreens aren’t part of the normal build, it’s not like they’re a luxury with every man and his dog living with insects indoors!

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