Glad, Is There Anyone Listening?

A couple of weeks ago we needed new garbage bags for the kitchen bin (rivetting stuff, I know). So Rae picked up some Glad Wave Top Tie bags. Fair enough, Glad is a good solid brand, they should have no problems holding the rubbish. Or so you’d think. Each and every bag we have used has split and the wave tops tear off with the slightest tug. As the garbage spilled across the kitchen floor (again) this morning I’d had enough so I did what anyone would do, and jumped on their web site to complain.

Okay, there’s the contact form, a drop down for complaints, fill out, press submit. A couple of minutes later the standard ‘thanks for contacting us’ email appeared in my inbox. So far so good. Then another email arrived.

It appears that complaints are meant to be emailed to who works for Tribal DBB in Sydney (and let’s just ignore the fact that complaints for a major company go to a software developer at their advertising agency) but Vicky’s server is rejecting any incoming email so complaints just disappear in to the internet ether. Way to go Glad. I think Tribal DDB also fail in their goal “to develop truly unique and effective communication solutions”. Ignoring loyal customers may be unique, effective however…

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  1. Hello Anthony,

    just wanted to let you know Tribal DDB has fixed the issue with Vicky’s email bouncing back to you.

    With regards to who’s responding to your complaint, this would be handled by Glad, as Tribal was only included as part of the response form to ensure it was functioning correctly, which now it is thanks to your post.

    I will also forward this on to our contacts as Glad.



  2. Thanks Charles,

    I was hoping that someone at Tribal DDB would be monitoring for mentions of your name and thanks for explaining what was going on.


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