Tossing Pebbles

On our walk to the PO Box today I noticed something had gone and I’m kicking myself for not taking photos before it did. Recently there was a massive change of bus routes and one which runs nearby had it’s route changed to take it out of a narrow shopping strip. This is a good thing but it meant that the pebble mix bus stop at the end of the street was no longer needed and now it’s gone. Piece by piece the history of this wonderful suburb is disappearing and if it wasn’t for Google Earth I wouldn’t be able to show you what it once looked like.


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  1. There’s even one left up in the Dandenongs that had it’s original concrete roof!
    Up around Monbulk, from memory, saw it about 4 months ago.
    Most of the concrete roofs were removed after a bus ploughed into one with a passenger waiting underneath.

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