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Today is my last official day as an employee of Cabrini Health, my notice is effective as of tomorrow. My VPN access was shut off on Friday and I assume my security swipes will no longer get me in to the staff car park. I was talking to mum and she asked me if I missed the place and without hesitation I said ‘No, not at all.’. I miss the people but the time had come.


We went to the drive-in last night. It was such a perfect day and such a mild evening we bundled the pyjama clad young ones in to the car (Phee was staying at a friends) and headed for the wilds of Coburg. Despite the fact the terrible two refused to sleep (Missy Moo was awake as the final credits rolled) and we spent most of the evening walking up and down behind the car trying to lull them to sleep it was a wonderful night. We’ve promised Bert that next time it will be a kid’s film.


It probably won’t make the news but there was a train crash near by this afternoon.

And my monitor is now in the pink. I was working this morning when all of a sudden the white background flicked over to a rather fetching shade of pink. No manner of twiddling or resetting has worked in getting it back to how it should be so I may be dragging out the old monitor to make do for a while.

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  1. Hey, Are you on a Mac? The same thing happened to me the other day. It was a keyboard shortcut for an accessibility feature. You go into the system setting and uncheck high contrast or reverse colour or something. Annoying. Good luck with it 🙂
    I love the Melbourne old signs Google map btw.

  2. Josh – tried a different cable, same deal.
    Neroli – sorry, Windows user. And thanks for the comment on the maps, stay tuned for more on that…

    Odd thing was that the next day all was well and has been ever since. Still putting aside some money for a replacement.

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