6 weeks after they were first promised we finally have bricks!


There’s also water and gas pipes and it looks like the plaster goes up this week. Our house is coming along, just ask Veronica and Steve who got the tour today.

The House

Update. Just found out Daniel managed to find the house without a map – that’s impressive Daniel.

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  1. But the bricks have holes in them Tony. Is it like the old Lawson story, was it? Building the hollow wood pile? I clearly need to catch up on building materials. Are bricks with holes better for insulating? I need to think about that.

  2. You know what? That is NOT the building we were admiring yesterday. We had the right street – just the wrong house.

  3. Tony/ Rae,
    Spent Saturday afternoon at home telling Stephen – “I just love their house”. Hope the progress speeds up again.


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