We Really Should Have Talked About This

There are many things you have to talk about before you make the commitment to marriage. Do you have common aims and desires, what are you views on children, what do you want from life are some of the things it’s best to iron out before walking down the isle (or watching a movie in our case).

One thing you don’t talk about but probably should is books. Most importantly how you read a book.

I’ve always been of the opinion that books are to be treasured and when finished there should no evidence that you have even picked the book up, let alone read it. A row of perfect spines on the shelf makes me smile. Now, my beloved is of the opposing camp. Twisted covers, dog ears and raggedy spines are her mark of a book well read. It sends me in to conniptions to see what she does to beautiful books; we almost came to blows over her treatment of  Wicked.

For now, while I try to straighten out the pages as I read Wicked we’ve agreed to disagree (and she doesn’t get any of my books!) but what about you? Whose side of the page are you on?

5 Replies to “We Really Should Have Talked About This”

  1. I’ve lost my fine cotton book gloves. I have a few treasured books that I look after very well, but the rest, I don’t bother about. They are in an ok state, but I make no effort. I don’t like snapped spines or ink writing in books. Dog ears can be interesting when looking at someone else’s books if they have done so for a purpose other than bookmarking. Ditto pencil notes in margins.

  2. I love reading a book when there’s evidence that someone’s been there before. They somehow look more loved and treasured – I guess I prefer books that have their own history. I was reading a book a friend passed on who read it in the Greek Isles. I swear I was reading it in the Botanical Gardens and some sand slipped out when I got midway through. The closest I’ll ever get to the Greek Isles…

  3. Oh my goodness… the whinges and bitches. I’m such a bad wife! And I only ever find out here!! 🙂

    Yes, I may not be so kind to paperbacks and bedtime novels, but I do know how to look after a book. I honestly don’t think I’m as bad as he makes out!!

    I do love the thought of that sand from the Greek isles falling from within the book. AK, what a fantastic thing to have happened!

  4. *LMAO* If this is all you have to worry about… DON’T get me started on the manbeasts wet towel habbits. *grr*

    ANYWAY… I’m kinda with Tony on this one. I like a much loved book, but I HATE dog-eared pages and spines so bendy and twisted that the pages are falling out butI don’t like my books absolutely pristine either.

    I think it’s a travesty when people write in books.

  5. Somehow I think I must come from the same stock as you, Tony. I would rather go out and buy a new copy of a book I want to read rather than read one thats all dog- eared and tatty. I was always taught by my father not to turn the corners over or bend the spine back to far. Somehow I think you know all this.
    PS. To write in a book is a mortal sin.

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