Wicked Night

I’m sad to admit that underneath this ultra cool 6 Music loving musical exterior beats the heart of a music tragic. I was raised in a house where the musical was king, growing up a highlight of each annual two week holiday in Melbourne was the musical we would go and see in the city. Oklahoma, They’re Playing Our Song, Pirates Of Penzance – what ever was big that year we would have fantastic tickets to. Dad loved the stage and my sister now runs a drama, singing and dancing school in Shepparton so it’s no great surprise that I love a good musical. Billy Bragg be dammed, gimme a star, a chorus and an encore and I’ll love it.

All this leads to me saying Rae and I went to see Wicked last Friday night and we loved it. For a musical the songs are probably the weakest part of the whole show but when you combine the music, the book, the production, the cast and the magnificent Regent Theatre you have a fantastic experience. The tickets were gifts from Zita, and if I could afford it I’d happily go again.

The night was even better because it was just Rae and I together, no kids, and to top it off as we strolled back to the car through Federation Square we saw that Collingwood had been thumped by The Hawks. What a wonderful night indeed.

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