Excuse me as I break my unintended blog hibernation to comment on the weather. It’s bloody cold outside and it is made worse by the mild winter we’ve had up until now. Looks like the heater will be on all day today, first day that’s happened this year.

So, what else has been going on?

The twins had their one year injections today injection today. Henry didn’t peep but Moo started crying as soon as she saw the nurse heading towards her. Bert stood watching with a look of horror in his face. His four year old jabs are going to be fun now he’s seen Kennedy crying.

The house is coming along – hopefully some bricks will be in place by the end of the week which means lock up ain’t far away. They are running a couple of weeks behind now and we’re getting very anxious to get in. We’ve sorted out the carpet/flooring now which is the last major decision we have to make prior to moving in. Now winter has hit we want out of this castle of draughts more than ever.

It’s also decision time, but more of that soon ‘cause there go the twins. Is it any wonder this blog never gets updated…

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