One Year

One year ago today I got a tap on the shoulder at 5:20am.

Seven hours later these two arrived.


After 12 long, yet fantastic, months Henry and Kennedy are now 1 year olds.

Henry Malloy On His First Birthday Kennedy Malloy On Her First Birthday

Happy birthday kids, and thank you to my wonderful wife for the love and care she has given my beautiful children. We did it hon – we survived the first 12 months. I’m sure everything get easier from here…

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  1. Ohh. I’m coming out of the baby trenches to comment on the beautiful twinsies. Henry totally looks like Bert!! You guys are amazing for surviving the year intact!! Especially you Rae (no offence, Tony), but TWO of them??!

  2. Aww – well done guys, they are gorgeous kids! The end of the first year for any parent is a celebration – let alone for those who have done it with twins. You deserve two bottles of champagne for that (well – maybe not all at once!). Cheers, Sarah (aka Saminoz!)

  3. If I can see it, unbidden, then Henry is totally a carbon copy of Bert. Check ’em for duplicated DNA sequences, I think he’s a clone.

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