Everyone Smile And Say Satellite

If I had have know on this day that there was a satellite buzzing overhead taking a picture I would have gone out and put on my best smile.

Here is how Google saw our then house on Feb 13, 2006. By the looks of the shadows it would have been early afternoon,

Smile For Google

That’s Rae’s old station wagon, and there’s washing on the line. I was home with Bert at the time getting ready to get married. I wonder why I left the gate open.

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  1. OK, I give up – how do you know that was the date?

    (I like the new high res pics they’ve posted. Looks like I wasn’t home, and it was late-morning.)

  2. The high res pictures are cool – but they are older than the low res images they replaced (eg The MCG has gone back to Commonwealth Games times and the street where we are building suddenly has no houses on it).

    The key to finding out the date an image was taken – use Google Earth to look at the address instead of Google Maps, the date the picture was taken is in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Hi.

    This is great article thanks, it put smile on my face too. To see whether there was washing hanging on the line in our place or anything else, I go to try the same with our house image. I haven’t used google maps before I must say.

    On your photo there is the car next to the opened gate you mention, some one must have forget something before leaving and so went back in to get it 🙂

    BTW I hope the birthday went well.

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