Rae Is A Little Concerned


I think Rae was muttering something along the lines of “I didn’t sign up to be the wife a plane spotter” as she left for work this morning. I have to admit when I heard myself saying “Ooooh, MU-565, a China East, haven’t got one of them before” I became a little alarmed myself.

Have to run – I think hear CA177 coming in…

4 Replies to “Rae Is A Little Concerned”

  1. Mate – I’m a big plane spotting nuffy too, but out this way all we get is the odd Cessna from Moorabbin. I won’t get worried until you buy a pilot radio scanner.

  2. China East… *shudder* Never again. Never EVER again. If there was a time when I thought the plane would drop out of the sky like… a really big thing filled with people dropping out of the sky… it was on a China East plane. Gyah.

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