70 And 2 Days

I’ve been a bit busy the past couple of days so this is a bit late but happy 70th birthday mum.

We took the tribe up to Shepp for her birthday party on Sunday and had a great time. My sister Helen has just bought a new house and hosted the day. That girl sure knows how to host a party, well done Helly, it was a fantastic day with loads of family, I think mum will be smiling for days yet.

Of course there had to be a little drama. We spent an hour or so in the emergency department of the Goulburn Valley Base Hospital with Henry after he had a rather severe reaction to what we think was a bite bight. He’s perfectly fine now and we made it back for cake, which is the important thing.

The Family

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  1. Lovely picture! Glad the wee one is ok too. 🙂 (What’s a bight? I know I can look it up on wikipedia but … I’m lazy.)

  2. See my update Ren. Lack of sleep and any attempt at spelling don’t go well together.

  3. Who has grass like that in Shepp? I haven’t seen such lovely grass in years, except maybe at the G.

  4. I guess it may have something to do with her husband being a gardener. That or you’ve finally explained where the paint smell was coming from.

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