Say It Ain’t So

I can’t believe the Tiger captain was arrested in the early hours of this morning for urinating in a public place. Not just any old place in public though, he had to choose police head quarters to relieve himself against. Everything I’ve read about the man points him to being a solid, upstanding, sensible, mature adult. I admired him for looking after his invalid father and being a quiet yet solid leader on the field. Now you’ve gone and done such a stupid thing, barely a week after Brendan Fevola has been pilloried in the press for doing the same against a restaurant window.

Why Kane, why? We had such a good start to the season and now this.

This afternoon at the Bulldogs game with Rae I got to see what a true captain can do – with his team down and only minutes to go Brad Johnson, in his 300th game,  stepped up, was a leader and won the game off his own boot. He showed spirit, courage and skill and what’s more, I bet he won’t be out drinking until the wee small hours during the week.

I don’t care how Terry spins it. Kane, you have to step down as captain now, for the good of the club, and you have to be suspended. You’re the captain, what on earth were you thinking?

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  1. The crime was committed just a couple of doors from us Tony. I challenged someone once who was about to do the same in our building entrance. He did not do it, but gave me a mouthful of nasty words (I really needed to add those last three words). I would have thought young men would have much better bladder control.

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