A C(D) Change

I’ve been a digital music fan for years. I burnt my 600 odd CDs years ago and I have been downloading music since I read about these amazing MP3 thingies that could reduce a song a manageable download over dial up, and 28K dial up at that.

However there are few artists for whom I’d still go to JB and purchase the CD. Paul Kelly, New Order, Deb Conway and up until today Billy Bragg. I think I’ve finally switched to downloads only now. You can get most music without restrictive DRM on iTunes, I only seem to listen to music while at the computer or on the pod in the car and I have a spare dock for the iPod hooked up to the DVD player if I want to listen that way.

I think the only exception to the new download rule may be Paul Kelly but if Mr Bragg is download only now then even the mighty PK may fall come his next album.

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