On The Dotted Line

We moved one step closer to our house today – we signed the contract to build. Half an hour of initialing pages and signing plans and we’re all set. They have 30 days to get the building permits, then another 30 days to start the building process. We’ve now paid for 3% of the house, which by my calculations is about two roof tiles. From here on it’s pretty much sit back and deal with things as they pop up, everything by and large is now in the hands of the good people at Henley. Oh, and the cool thing – we got to sign our docs on the 29th of Feb!

It’s an exciting time, but everything still seems like such a long way away. Next milestone will be pouring the slab and it’s probably then that I’ll really let myself believe that we’re going to have our own, new, house.

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  1. Probably unwelcome and unnecessary advice Tony, but watch the building process with a keen eye. It is far better to pick things up as they are going wrong rather than after they are done. Visit it very often.

  2. Sage advice Andrew that we intend to follow. I was more talking about our having to sign things, find things and pay for (major) things when I said it was sit back time.

    We will be keeping a very close eye on proceedings and I’ve set up a system to track every call and contact with the company.

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