In The Wild

P2010009 I spotted this year’s Yellow Pages lurking in our front yard this morning. I wonder how much longer we’ll see this species in the wild? We, like many people, have a permanent connection to the net and a quick Google will normally give you the phone number you need in a matter of seconds. Given how atrocious the Yellow Pages site is (can you ever find what you’re looking for on the first go?) I’d assume most people do the same and like us their copies will remain in the plastic wrap for a year until they are thrown out when the next edition arrives.

Perhaps Sensis should allow us to opt out of receiving paper directories. It would save a lot hernias and paper.

(And, yes, I know the grass that weaves through the fence needs to be cut.)

2 Replies to “In The Wild”

  1. A week ago I would have agreed, until a temporary problem with the pc and a broken down appliance. I was very pleased to have an old fashioned phone book.

  2. We had 18 of these outside our apartment, think maybe two got taken. The rest left out in the rain etc. Really silly. I know not everyone has the internet but surely Sensis should start asking people if they want a phone book. Don’t know how but surely its going to be better than printing all those books people don’t use?

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