Three For Three

What To Do On A Hot Summer Day - Cameraphone picture. Rae and I love our movies, we could quite happily spend our life in a cinema. We were married in The Sun Theatre and our wedding consisted of the briefest vows we could get away with before we all sat down and watched High Society. However since Bert, and now Henry & Kennedy, arrived our movie watching has been restricted pretty much to DVD and downloads.

Given the restrictions we’ve done pretty well with the few films we’ve seen on the big screen, we’ve managed to catch the last couple of Oscar Best Picture winners and we think we may have lucked in to this year’s as well. Zita gave us cinema vouchers so yesterday we trotted off to The Rivoli in the lovely 37 degree furnace of a day to watch No Country For Old Men.

We’ve had a long chat about the film and the way that it ends and I’ve come to the conclusion that, yes, the Sheriff was a replicant.

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  1. It’s one film I’ve had long chats with a few people about and it’s interesting how many different opinions there are. Have to admit I dunno what a replicant is. Guessing one of those high falutin’ filum expressions…

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