Holiday Lunch

Bert Has His Lemonade When I was growing up the highlight of summer would be the two weeks each January that we’d spend here in Melbourne. Mum and Dad would rent a place right on the beach (out the door, two metre of lawn, jump the small fence and you were on the sand) at Edithvale. It was a great time, the beach, train rides, a trip in to the city and a couple of times each holiday we’d have the luxury of dinner out or take away. Ah, high times for a kid from the country.

I’m on the second week of my holidays now with work beginning to loom on the horizon. It’s been a glorious time spent with Rae and the kids. I’ve been staying up to help with the night time bottle, sitting on the floor talking to the twins and each day Bert and I go for a walk to get the paper. Together we’ve decided that there is a friendly tiger living in the long grass next to the milk bar but we’re yet to see him, maybe tomorrow morning.

Today, in the spirit of holidays past, we took the family to The Coat for lunch. Perfect day, perfect lunch.

IPA - Summer BeerPhee and Her Iced Chocky

Rae's Lunch - Calamari Chewing The Straw While Planning His Next Move Mmmmmm - Latte

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